Tweet this, bitches.
Tweet this.

Since I’m too lazy/titanic a pussy to perform comedy live yet can’t live a normal life where I’m not using humor to be the center of attention every five seconds, I tweet away all my jokes like pearls before swine. Go ahead and click here to follow me on Twitter (account name is PapasBasement) for updates and my other words of awesome gravitas.

The other cast members of Papa’s Basement also have Twitter accounts which you should follow, though I make no guarantees regarding the content of said accounts. (I suppose if you follow me nothing much they say will shock you, so take solace in that.) Click the links provided to visit their profiles.

Will — BillyBasil (personal account), GreySkyEternal (his band and the account he uses far more frequently).

Howard “Heezy” — WhatTheFInHeezy

Irina — GirlKnowsSports

Cate — AtomicCate