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Top Comedy Podcast — Papa’s Basement 540

Why, is this a photo of Papa’s Basement, the top comedy podcast? No! I just wanted to say “top comedy podcast” again!

We recorded this so long ago that I don’t remember its actual content. So, instead, as an SEO experiment, I’m titling the episode “Top Comedy Podcast.” So if someone looks for the “top comedy podcast,” they might find “Top Comedy Podcast.” And now you know that I have neither brains nor looks.

Looks like I might need to include a second paragraph to make Google think that “Top Comedy Podcast” is actually a “top comedy podcast.” Hey, Google, does this count? Maybe it needs a bit more. Like this. There. That’s a humdinger of a second paragraph.

Click here to listen to the latest episode of Papa’s Basement in your browser or here to open and listen in iTunes (you can also use the embedded player below the ad). And, if you want to see our faces that very clearly are fit for radio, you can watch videos of our episodes on YouTube

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