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Stinker Lets Loose — Papa’s Basement 553

A chimpanzee driving a truck. Mike Sacks knows how to give America what it wants.


Before we start the episode summary, friend of the show (who’s slumming hard by being cool with us), author Mike Sacks, has released an audiobook version of his latest masterwork, Stinker Lets Loose, featuring an all-star cast of Jon Hamm, Andy Richter, Paul F. Tompkins and countless others. The tale of a trucker tasked with bringing a six pack of beer to the President Jimmy Carter, Stinker pays comedic homage to the 70s-era CB radio cross-country capers of yore. It’s available now over at Audible, and you can download it for zilch after trying the service for free.

Since that was a lot of typing, I’m going to keep the rest of the episode summary brief: Why Tom Brady and the dominance of the Patriots is the most un-American thing I can think of, what it is that made Tide Pods of all things look so much more delicious than all of the other delicious-looking poisons in your kitchen cabinet (this is an honest question if you think about it) and me asking my fellow crew if something I did over the weekend involving an ex and a car was creepy or not. Don’t miss it!

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