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RIP Jim Vance — Papa’s Basement 538

Jim Vance was a stud. A man equally at home behind a news desk as he was on top of your mom.

Over the weekend, Jim Vance, a DC-area legend, passed away. Vance was the anchor of the local NBC affiliate’s nightly news for nearly 50 years, an unheard of run. I could go on about his accolades, his pedigree and what he meant to everyone in this city, but his former network did a better job of that than I ever could.

After 20 or so minutes of our usual harassment of each other to start the show, the Papa’s Basement crew (Pete, Chris & Othman) talk Vance’s passing, as well as my very botched attempt at a funny, irreverent sendoff for the man in the form of an account on my Facebook wall of a fictitious meeting between the two of us that very quickly spun out of control.

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