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RIP, August Ames — Papa’s Basement 549

Why, God? There are so many people out there that are unattractive and/or don’t have sex on camera for my viewing delight. Why August Ames? F Victoria’s Secret: She was a true angel.

Mere days after being harassed on Twitter for a Tweet that some people deemed homophobic, August Ames, a young, beautiful adult star, took her own life. It’s a tragedy on countless levels, all of which we explore on the latest episode of the Papa’s Basement Show. On top of that, we tackle a tragedy of almost equal magnitude, the installation of tolls on Interstate 66 in Northern Virginia. And we cap things off with a review of Jim Carrey’s new Netflix feature, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, where he discusses pretty much going insane on the set of Man on the Moon.

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