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Papa’s Basement’s Three Weeks Off — Papa’s Basement 539

Since you’re probably thinking what I think anytime I see an actress, Sloan (Mia Sara) has been nude in the following films: Caroline At Midnight, Timecop, The Set Up, The Maddening, Black Day Blue Night, and Undertow. You’re welcome.

I’ll keep this short and sweet: Despite it being the 10th anniversary of the show (yay, me), a lot of bad breaks occurred that kept us off the air. I discuss everything that has happened with the show in these past few months with friend and consummate radio professional Othman Bouchareb (follow him on Twitter – @OthelloBT) and, hopefully, we make an entertaining episode of it. If you’ve listened to the show as of late and want to know what the hell has gone on, you won’t want to miss this one. Enjoy.

Click here to listen to the latest episode of Papa’s Basement in your browser or here to open and listen in iTunes (you can also use the embedded player below the ad). And, if you want to see our faces that very clearly are fit for radio, you can watch videos of our episodes on YouTube

We mention multiple previous episodes of the show extensively throughout this broadcast. You can hear the live show we did at Wet Space (the basement) here, the aftermath show where we attempted to play clips from that show in studio here. I have also managed to find the show that I attempted to do with Brian Bolte at Chris’s apartment. It can be heard here.

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