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Opie Fired — Papa’s Basement 537

RIP to the world’s ugliest boy band.

Look at this, I’m going to type an episode summary that actually reflects the contents of the episode. Miracles do happen!

We start the episode with me disclosing the results of an ancestry test that, when you look at my face, aren’t exactly shocking. The show then spends a (possibly painfully) long time going over the firing of Gregg “Opie” Hughes from Sirius-XM, scouring from the airwaves the last remnants of the former Opie & Anthony show from the airwaves. For you people into radio comedy, we spend a while talking about how little of it remains. And, to bring the episode home, co-host Tom Daly revels in giving us the video of a former “mean girl” he went to high school with who sinks to incredible, cringe-inducing lows on Facebook live. Every last second of this episode is great, down to the pauses between our words. And clearly my opinion is impartial and unprejudiced. Give it a listen.

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