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MINDHUNTER!!! — Papa’s Basement Show

I think we can all agree that Ed Kemper is the most adorably huggable serial killer ever and he looks like a cartoon bear come to life, right?

Netflix’s latest show (or close to it, they launch five of these damn things a minute), Mindhunter, is an exploration of the FBI’s first forays into investigating serial killers. It is incredibly well done, but, damn if some of the dialogue isn’t incredibly disgusting. I mean, couldn’t they have talked about disemboweling people without the locker room talk?? There are children present!

Anyhow, we play some of our favorite filthy clips from the show, I discuss why October 27th, which brings with it both Stranger Things Season 2 and Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey might forever-overload my dopamine receptors, Sarah celebrates her love of Anna Kendrick with an impassioned soliloquy (that sounds fancy, right?) and Travis lets me know that the stick figures I’ve been drawing of his mother mid-broadcast on another show we do together have been discovered by her…and not warmly received. And if you wanna learn the details to any of that stuff, you’ll have to listen to hear them!

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Click here to listen to the latest episode of Papa’s Basement in your browser or here to open and listen in iTunes (you can also use the embedded player below the ad). And, if you want to see our faces that very clearly are fit for radio, you can watch videos of our episodes on YouTube

(For you “screw the theater of the mind” types, here’s a video of the episode being filmed in studio.)

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