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Louis C.K. In Studio! — Papa’s Basement 547

The most adorable, “aw, shucks” masturbator that ever lived.

…in spirit! In studio in spirit. There, now that you’ve clicked AND I’m legally off the hook, I hope you enjoy the episode. Producer Pete revisits his bombshell revelation from last week’s episode (that Kevin Spacey hounded him for play for years. He actually did, this isn’t like the Louis lie), we discuss the accusations facing Louis C.K. and why some of us will be able to possibly enjoy his comedy in the future while some of us won’t (guest comedian Christine O’Dea does a great job on this one) and I wrap things up with one of the most incredibly embarrassing stories you’ll hear this year. It involves man-on-man massage, public sexual arousal and a whole lot of soul-searching. You’ll enjoy.

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