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Papa’s Basement Radio Show-8-2-12-We’re All Gay for Chick-fil-A

John Goodman as a gay-loving Colonel Sanders getting a table dance. God bless America.

Howard and I debate the recent Chick-fil-A fracas (my take can be read here.) Do we swear to never visit the establishment again? Or do we extend the love of Christ to them and forgive their homo-hatin’ hearts? Listen to the episode of my radio show linked right below and find out!

Papa’s Basement 8-2-12 (iTunes users, please rate and subscribe to Papa’s Basement by clicking here. Left-click the episode title or press the “play” button at the bottom of the post to listen immediately. To download this episode, right-click the episode title and select “Save Link/Target As.” )

Screw you, Howard. I remembered to post the video of John Goodman as Col. Sanders.

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