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Goodbye, Springfield’s Rose — Papa’s Basement 536

I didn’t put the circle on this photo: that was all Brian. (The circle, not the prick. If Brian’s actually packing that, I will kill myself. And him, just to be safe.)

The Wizard of Wad, the Godfather of Grindr, Brian Bolte, is leaving DC. For those of you that don’t know Brian, he is friend to countless performers in the DC comedy scene and, most importantly as far as I’m concerned, co-host of Papa’s Football Podcast. A genuinely good person (believe me, I live to badmouth, and the worst thing I can say about Brian is he has a head of hair like a Puerto Rican teen’s armpit), Pete and I helped send him off in style with the help of a ton of other DC comics and recorded the live event, a throwdown at Summers, the venue Brian put on the DC comedy map. Hopefully, it sounds great. If it doesn’t, just imagine a bunch of comics trying to fuck the one reasonably attractive waitress while playfully smacking each other in the balls and you have a 90% complete picture of how things went down.

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