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Brandon Jones’s Parents Are Mighty Racist — Papa’s Basement 550

Brandon Jones’s Uncle Clayton has a bit of a past on him, too.

The Internet’s feel-good story of the week, bullied Brandon Jones being embraced by the online community, took its inevitable nosedive when it was revealed Brandon’s parents had white power ties. We give you the details that have come to light because, if we can’t celebrate the 48-hour rise and fall of a poor, scarred kid, what’s this show for, anyhow? We also mention our homeland, Northern VA, landing on the national news map for a second week in a row due to a man freaking out in traffic, stripping naked and assaulting vehicles, dick flappin’ in the breeze. And a dying Japanese businessman has an end-of-life party for his friends, begging the question (which we answer) of what YOUR death party would consist of?

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