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13 Reasons Why — Papa’s Basement 541

This is Clay, one of the two protagonists of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. He looks exactly like I did in high school. Except he’s not wearing the shirt of some black metal or industrial act. And has white people hair. And isn’t in a flannel with a pack of smokes hidden inside a Magic: the Gathering deck box. And doesn’t have greasy sideburns because he’s a Mediterranean ape who hit puberty at age three. The headphones. There ya go. Twinsies.

Much like 80% of the adult population, if Netflix has given me a show with which to escape the drudgery of my life via a binge-watch, I will hop on that faster that a cat on a laser pointer (hello, Narcos season three). So imagine my surprise when studio guest Travis Dorward told me about 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix show released in March (March!) that somehow got past me. And the plot he described had me riveted: A beautiful high school girl (sold right there), Hannah Baker, kills herself, leaving 13 sides of audio tape describing how 13 different people helped contribute to her decision.

If you didn’t wet dream about killing yourself in high school and then getting to watch as everyone mourned you (and every girl you had a crush on confessed to the heavens how badly she wanted you), then I probably can’t relate to you on a single level. The beauty of 13 Reasons Why is that it does exactly that: An entire school copes with how they screwed Hannah over, and Hannah watches from beyond, laughing maniacally (okay, that part is false). But it’s a great show and, if you don’t want to watch it after hearing this lovely podcast about it, then I’m going to kill myself. But not before recording 13 podcasts about how you drove me to it.

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